On the friday morning, we skipped visiting the clinic and school with the rest of the group and helped the family weeding their onions. After that, we did some more washing, spoke to some more neighbours and then slowly descended to visit guide Erics mother on the other side of the valley. Sure, we’ve had lunch, but since we were guests she had to offer us some food. We got two boiled eggs each, and the universal Coca Cola.

After visiting Eric’s mom, we got toghether and listened to a story teller who told us about the Pare history, and the history of the village. Next up in the programme was the greeting of the elders.

Again, I really longed for the babel fish when they danced and sang for us, and judging by the laughter from our guides, the songs were really funny. We had already met the most of the elders, and they were wonderful. Really friendly, curious and full with jokes and stories. Our guides did try to interpret, but it was a bit too hard. We smiled and said thanks anyway.

Then we climbed to ”our” house again, getting ready for tomorrows trek up to Shengena forest.

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