On Saturday, sister Mariettes birthday, it was trekking time. We were going to climb up some 900 meters to a camp, and then later on trek up to Shengena peak. The peak is not very high (cirka 2 500 meters), so it would bo more like a rainforest walk.

The walk up to the camp was quite steep at the beginning, and with sweat dripping from our faces we reached the cozy camp site. Our guide Hamisi had been starting earlier in order to slaughter a goat, and not everybody wanted to see that. At the camp, we put up our tents, took a brief walk in the forest, had lunch and spent the afternoon in front of the camp fire. The day continued in that fashion, and at night we got to bed.

It was quite cold at nighttime – some 10 degrees centigrade. So we cuddled up in our sleeping bags.

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