Of course it’s hot today, with the sun beating down from a clear blue sky. It’s just because we’re leaving Zanzibar today. Rudina and Luc left earlier this morning, and we will take the cab at three. We had to check out of our room at 10.30, so we can’t take a shower, thus we’re not bathing either. Booring.

Today’s schedule is cab to the airport via the bank to withdraw some cash. Then jump across the straight to Dar-Es Salaam, and after an hour fly back to Arusha. At 21.30 tonight we’ll rendez-vous with the rest of the group.

So for now we say Kwa heri Zanizbar (Good bye Zanzibar). But we’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and that time we’ll come sailing from Bagamoyo in a dhow. Now that’s gonna be cool. Yep.

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