OK, so internet access in Tanzania is less developed then in, say, Ecuador. We’ve tried two different internet cafes in the past weeks, and both times the network was down. So next journey we’ll have to bring our own computer and a satellite telephone :)

Since we left Zanzibar we have been doing a lot of things. We met the rest of our group in Arusha, and then continued the trip with a safari at Lake Manyara national park. The park is somewhat underestimated, but really delivered on animals the one afternoon we drove around in the park. It started just two hundred meters from the gate with a bunch of baboons, and then it only got better. We saw the first giraffe after only ten minutes, and then the safari proceeded with antilopes, buffalos, hippos, more giraffes and last, but absolutely not least: elephants.

We drove into a big herd of elephants standing just alongside the road. Some came as close as only a couple of meters. It is really an odd feeling being able to take a portrait of an elephant with your compact camera equipped with a 35 mm wide-angle lens!

At night we stayed in the little town of Karatu. We got to bed early, because the following day it was time for big game hunting (with cameras, that is): Ngorogoro crater.

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