In the morning, we entered two Land Cruisers and began the ascent to Chome. The village is situated in the south Pare mountains, on some 1500 meters altitude. The road to the village is in really poor condition. We were thoroughly shaken, and I wonder if they wouldn’t be better off with a helicopter to get to the village.

After a couple of hours we reached the village. It is a beautiful green village, made up of three different villages that form Chome. We met our guides and families. Our guide was Eric and we got to stay with the Mndeme family: The mother Nipa, big brother Mndeme, sisters Lovenes and Nipa (yes, the same name as her mother). Their house was quite new, built in 2003, and was situated high up on the mountain slope. After a sweaty climb we were invited to coffee in the living room. Eric got to translate all questions from the familiy and us. He did a good job.

The house had two sections, as have most of the houses in Chome. The kitchen section has a stove driven by burning wood and there is no running water. The recently installed electricity has not yet found it’s way to the kitchen, though the rest of the house is illuminated by modern electric lighting. Mother Nipa and sister Lovenes spent most of their time in the kitchen, not even eating with us. It seemed a bit strange, but is very common in the village.

We got our rooms, and Diana and Cecilia had to share on room, and I got my own room. Dinner was at eight and was really good. It was rice, beans, salad and lots of fresh fruit. Yum!

Since it gets dark at about seven, we got to bed after dinner, which was normally around eight. I didn’t have a mosquito net, since there is no malaria at the high altitude of Chome. There were nevertheless a lot of mosquitoes, which I found out the hard way.

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