The alarm clock rang at 02.40. Time to get out to the beach! Tonight, we were going to sail over the straight to Zanzibar. Getting the bags out to the dhow seemed to a problem, and the crew had really not prepared anything for our trip. So when we finally set sail (because the engine wouldn’t start), we were almost two hours behind on our schedule.

Nevertheless, sailing in the night was really nice and soothing. The engine started after a while, and the trip to Zanzibar took six hours. We slept and read our books in the shadow of the sail. Perfect.

After a short walk we checked in on Safari lodge in Stone Town. The place is ok but a little dark. But hey, the airconditioning works!

Now, we’re going to write some post cards and perhaps have a drink at Emerson & Green hotel. Tomorrow: spice tour. One week left on our journey. Time to get a tan :)

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