I could have called it “a shitty day”. We started off taking a guided tour in Bagamoyo. It was hot, the history only remotely interesting and the town was really abandoned a hundred years ago, and now they tried to restore the town. When our visit at the sculpture school changed to shopping-bonanza we bailed out and went back to the hostel.

In the morning, the guide told us that it would be high tide at three in the afternoon. So we took a walk in the heat to an internet cafe just to find it closed because of a power failure in town. We walked back and sat on our little veranda for a while. Then, at three, we took our towels and wald down to the sea, only to find it being low tide and no water.

In a really bad mood, we returned to our veranda for another hour. Then we tried the interne cafe again. Better luck this time, and we got two full hours tapping away. Nice.

In the evening we had some less expensive food then the night before, but it was still good. The night was warm. The drinks were cool. Life is ok after all…

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