Well, I know it’s nothing like Dennis climb in Argentina, but this day we should trek up to Shengena peak. It was estimated to be some four hours up top the top, and off we went.

The walk was steep and warm, and you really have to admire Inger and Tage, both in their seventies, pulling through the entire walk. I can’t say the view from the top monument was really worth the walk, but it was nice exercise anyhow. On the way down, we almost ran along with guide Eric. It took only two hours down, some difference. Taking a dip in the cold little creek by the camp was really nice afterwards.

At dinner, guides Eric and Josef sang and danced for us, and they’re really talented. They also know the ancient traditional songs, but often with a twist.

Again, we had goat for dinner. It was ok, but nothing special really.

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